Say No To Family & Domestic Violence

11 - 13 Dec, 2023Hilton Hotel, Cairns


In Australia, the protocol is to recognise the Traditional Owners of the land to which the conference is being held. Therefore, all presentations must begin with an acknowledgment to Country and to local Traditional Elders: “We wish to acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians whose ancestral lands we are to meet upon. We acknowledge the deep feelings of attachment and relationship of Aboriginal peoples to Country. We also pay respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal peoples visiting / attending from other areas of Australia who are present here”.​ Indigenous Conference Services acknowledges and pay our respect to the Traditional people of Country. "Welcome to Country" ceremony and "acknowledging the traditional custodians" of the land shows respect for Aboriginal people as Australia's First Peoples. Ceremonies and protocols are a fundamental part of Aboriginal cultures.​

Welcome to the 2023 National Indigenous SAY NO Against Domestic Violence Conference

Join us for a powerful and impactful event that shines a spotlight on the critical issue of domestic violence. This conference is your opportunity to be part of a collective effort to address the psychological, physical, emotional, and mental abuse that affects individuals and communities facing family and domestic violence. We're dedicated to sharing high-quality research, community initiatives, and government programs that drive positive change and lead to the eradication of domestic violence from our communities.

Our Mission: Putting an End to Domestic Violence

At the heart of this conference lies the commitment to employ positive prevention strategies to stop all forms of domestic violence across our communities. For far too long, domestic violence has remained hidden behind closed doors. This conference serves as a powerful tool in our mission to overcome this scourge by promoting open conversations, knowledge-sharing, and the implementation of best practices. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have further escalated domestic violence incidents, making our unified voice against it more crucial than ever.

Uniting for a Safer Tomorrow

Domestic violence spares no one—it affects individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their background. Gender equality and the rights of women and children who are victims play a pivotal role in highlighting violence within our society. While statistics often point to men as prominent perpetrators, our conference is committed to addressing domestic violence comprehensively, considering both men and women, along with all other family members. Shedding light on these issues and identifying the predators behind the violence is key to breaking the cycle.

Sharing Success Stories and Strategies

Many communities have taken significant steps to address domestic violence, developing successful programs with the collaboration of non-government and government agencies. This conference is dedicated to showcasing these initiatives that have made a positive impact in our communities. In today's digital age, information sharing has never been easier. With the internet at our fingertips, the conference aims to establish a global network for sharing resources and strategies to combat domestic violence effectively.

Conference Theme: United Against Domestic Violence

This conference embodies the principle that unity is paramount in tackling domestic violence. While men often constitute a significant percentage of perpetrators, our theme centers on the shared responsibility of all individuals—men, women, and communities—to put an end to domestic violence. This collective effort aims to foster a safer environment for everyone.

Conference Aims & Objectives: Empowerment and Collaboration

Our conference objectives are designed to empower and stimulate positive discussions that can be applied to work environments for greater strength, unity, and education. We aim to:

  • Reduce incidences of Domestic and Family Violence at all levels

  • Provide an open and frank forum for discussion

  • Support individuals and families working in the field of Family and Domestic Violence

  • Establish and grow a worldwide network and resources through information sharing

  • Exchange information regarding the successes of community projects

  • Unite men, women, and organizations as a strong voice against domestic and family violence

  • Bring together researchers, service providers, government agencies, policy makers/developers & organizations

  • Foster networking and support for individuals and groups combating Domestic Violence


This conference presents a unique opportunity for delegates to participate in a positive environment that is dedicated to the sharing of information and the empowering of all who attend. In our everyday working environment, the day to day stresses of our positions tends to limit us in expanding our knowledge and networking. Whether you work at a community level or at governmental level, the opportunity to network and gain contacts outside of your local region tend to be limited, this is why this conference will be so valuable to all delegates. Hence, all professionals and community-based workers who have a vested interest in combating domestic violence are invited.


  • Domestic violence workers

  • Community groups

  • Family relationship workers

  • Community leaders

  • Indigenous women’s and men’s groups

  • Psychologists, Social Workers, NGOs

  • Women groups, Human Rights Enthusiasts

  • Nurses / Doctors/ Psychiatrists, Police Officers

  • People who are interested in combating Domestic Violence

  • Government Representatives, Community Leaders

  • Consultants / Legal Professionals

  • Domestic Violence Field Workers, Teachers


As an employee, we are asked to present valid reasons why we should attend. Listed below are valid points that can be raised with your employer to justify your attendance:

  • Staff attending conferences regularly tend to become long term employees.

  • An event such as this adds to the positive morale of staff.

  • Conferences are a great way of providing ongoing training and provides the opportunity to further enhance the organisation knowledge base.

  • Allows delegates to showcase the organisation nationally and internationally.

  • May provide organisations with new ideas and gives organisations a voice at a national/international level.

  • Provides an opportunity to evaluate various programs.

  • Because this event is conducted over a short period, staff are only absent for a minimal amount of time.


To ensure grassroots community programs are highlighted, no less than 50 per cent of the conference proceedings are and is devoted to community groups. If your paper is selected, you may have more than one presenter to present your paper. However, only two presenters will be entitled to the registration discount. If you are chosen to present at the conference, your paper will form part of the conference proceedings and be distributed at the conclusion of the event with all other presentations. Click the submit a paper button and complete the form online after reviewing the guidelines of submitting paper.


The 2024 Global Domestic Violence Conference is blessed with a kaleidoscope of guest speakers, sharing stories, successes and challenges they’ve overcome, presenting great opportunities and inspiration for delegates to participate in an event that is devoted to the sharing of Culture, Empowerment, Education & Networking. Drawn from a variety of cultural backgrounds, professional careers and grass-roots community commitments, this year’s conference speakers are the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary event; one that is soon forgotten and one which lingers in attendees' memories, a source of tremendous benefit long after the conference is over.  


Register early to get a discount! Please note that registrations are set out in an affordable way for organisations, which changes on a monthly basis. Hence the earlier you register, the more savings for your organisation. Registration fees include all day access to the event, available conference papers, daily lunch and refreshments for registered delegates only. Fees do not include travel costs or accommodation. Registration fees must be received within 7 DAYS of from being issued an invoice. Otherwise, bookings will not be considered.  To register, please click on the registration button and complete the form. Upon receipt of your completed registration form, we will email you the tax invoice.  


ICS Australia have developed flexible sponsorship packages to sponsor the conference either in part or in full. Sponsorship is a great way of promoting your organisation/ company/ department to all delegates attending the conference. Sponsorship opportunities are only open to businesses and private enterprise, not individuals. Indigenous Conference Services (Australia) will be of further assistance in tailoring your sponsorship arrangement. Please phone us on +61740009111 or send us your expression of interest by email through our Contact Page.


08:30amRegistration ~ Network with Service Providers/Exhibitors
09:00amMaster of Ceremony Welcome & Safety Announcement
09:30amWelcome to Country by Traditional Elder followed by Traditional Performance
09:45amFormal Opening Keynote
10:30amMorning Tea ~ Network with Service Providers/Exhibitors
11:00amKeynote: Perpetrator Accountability Program
11:45amKeynote: Yarrabah Positive and Respectful Relationship Project
12:30pmLunch Break ~ Network with Service Providers/Exhibitors
01:30pmConcurrent Session A: Empowering First Nations Women's Financial Prosperity & Unleashing Indigenous Economic PotentialConcurrent Session B: Embedding Culture, Improving Wellbeing of First Nations Men
02:15pmConcurrent Session A: Empowering First Nations Women Through SportsConcurrent Session B: Empowering Men, Empowering Families
03:00pmAfternoon Break ~ Network with Service Providers/Exhibitors
03:30pmKeynote: Empowering Indigenous Youth to be business entrepreneurs
04:15pmYARNING CIRCLE & PANEL DISCUSSION: Debrief & Reflections
06:30pmCONFERENCE NETWORKING DINNERAs they say, all work and no play, makes for a dull conference. To overcome this, the conference secretary has organized a conference dinner to be held on the first night of the event. This dinner will give delegates the opportunity to further network while letting your hair down in an informal setting.


The Gatekeeper Cultures and Spirituality: Interventionist to Suicide

We offer new and exciting innovation for our conferences. The third day is devoted to a professional development workshop or masterclass. As such, we have introduced several exciting networking and professional development innovations which is an extra cost for your chosen masterclass. Day 3 is optional so please make sure you complete your registration form with the masterclass included if you intend to attend.

Worrying about how your team, family and community effectively assist and manage clients experiencing intergenerational trauma? Indigenous peoples around the world endured several generations of trauma and other neurological effects and compromised behavioural immunity which leads to behavioural indicators such as substance abuse and suicide.  Our current generation is impacted by structural violence, poverty, racism, governmental neglect and ongoing hostilities, and unfortunately, our mob have learned our lessons in traumatiSation as well wherein many situations, we have internalized the trauma imposed on ourselves and turned onto our own families, communities, and selves.   This workshop will teach you:​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

  • The strong benefits of recapturing and revitalizing our languages, cultures and spirituality 

  • How to become an interventionist to suicide in your communities 

  • Understand and utilise trauma-informed care to heal ourselves, our clients, and our communities. 

  • Strategies in managing clients and families affected by intergenerational trauma and break the cycle of suicide in our communities. 

  • In Just One Day You Can Learn Strategies for how to become an interventionist to suicide and work effectively with your clients who are experiencing intergenerational trauma and their families. 

​The Gatekeeper Cultures and Spirituality - Interventionist to Suicide is strictly limited to 30 people only. Cost is $350 per person.