2024 First Nations NDIS, Mental Health & Suicide Prevention, and Elder's Wellbeing Conferences

10 - 12 December, 2024

Hilton Hotel, Cairns QLD

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First Nations National All Abilities Initiatives: A NDIS Conference

2024 First Nations National All Abilities Initiatives: A NDIS Conference

Indigenous peoples, nationally and internationally, will come together in an environment that can lead to the sharing of information via their cultural and historical values. This conference is designed to inspire and enable Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander disability and community workers as well as Indigenous peoples living with a disability, NDIS service providers and other community partners to take control, step up and take action to the next level, to ensure the rights and self-determination of First Nations peoples living with a disability are upheld. To honour our Indigenous men, women, youth and children living with a disability, acknowledge their strength and resilience by listening to their stories, learning from their experiences and committing to systemic change to protect the rights of our sisters, brothers, children with a disability and their families and community. To honour also the knowledge of our men, Elders and wisdom of our cultural responses, sharing successes and struggles to chart effective, evidence-informed ways forward. The conference provides a forum to discuss solutions by Indigenous peoples and to connect and acquire knowledge from each other to heal the spirit, heal the earth, and sustain cultural practices for this generation and for future generations to come.

National Indigenous Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Conference

2024 National Indigenous Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Conference

The increasing frequency and severity of mental health and wellbeing issues throughout Indigenous Communities has reached a crisis level through the length and breadth of this country. However, this is not news to Indigenous peoples. Communities have proclaimed the need for action to address the needs of many First Nations peoples.

National First Nations Elder's Wellbeing: Greater Choices For Aged Care Conference

Elder's Wellbeing

The conference will also be a great resource and avenue to identify models of support and engagement that reflect various cultural practices of our communities, to ensure that First Nations Peoples who are frail aged can live life their way. Sharing stories and story-telling is so strong in Aboriginal communities, in that it leads the way to support healing in our community so we can move forward and get things right. Reflecting the importance of culturally respectful planning resources and tools to adapt the changes in community services, disability and aged care sectors, that is our Elders will have “choice and control” over their own lives and empowered to make decisions for their own care, according to their personal needs and wants.

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