2024 First Nations Strong Women, Employment & Training, Business Enterprise Conferences

05 - 06 September, 2024

Rex Hotel, Canberra ACT

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13th First Nations Strong Women National Conference


The 2024 First Nations Strong Women National Conference is set to take place at the Rex Hotel in Canberra ACT on September 5 – 6, 2024. This conference serves as a vital platform for First Nations women, women Elders, and women professionals to meet, convene, exchange insights, empower and raise awareness on First Nations Women’s issues. This year, our focus turns to women's holistic well-being. Marking the 13th National Conference in this esteemed series, this event is rapidly establishing itself as one of Australia’s premier First Nations Women’s gatherings. Hence, we invite you to secure your place and together we'll forge positive change for the well-being of Indigenous women across Australia.

2024 First Nations National Employment and Training Conference

First Nations National Employment and Training Conference

The 2024 National First Nations Employment & Training Conference will be held at Rex Hotel in Canberra ACT on September 5-6, 2024. The conference is an important event for Indigenous employment and training professionals as well as jobseekers in Australia which provides a unique opportunity for participants to learn from one another, share best practices, and develop strategies to improve employment outcomes for First Nations Australians. By bringing together experts from different sectors, the conference helps to build stronger connections between First Nations communities, employers, and training providers, and promotes greater understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by First Nations job seekers.

2024 First Nations National Business Enterprise Conference

2024 First Nations National Business and Enterpirise Conference

The 2024 First Nations National Business Enterprise Conference is scheduled to be held at Rex Hotel in Canberra on September 5-6, 2024. This year's conference aims to bring together individuals and business professionals from all sectors, to share knowledge and insight necessary to build successful First Nations businesses enterprise. The conference is a fantastic opportunity to share successes and learn new strategies and practices from business owners who are striving to be market leaders in their field. Through strengthening connections with First Nations business owners, entrepreneurs, and their networks, our goal is to cultivate strong and successful community ecosystems that support Indigenous excellence. This conference is designed to be proactive and focus on the why and how of business. The positive outlook is designed to make the statement: it is no longer acceptable to pay First Nation’s peoples to stay poor. With this in mind, we invite you and your organisation to participate wholeheartedly in this event.

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