13th First Nations Strong Women National Conference

05- 06 September 2024 | Rex Hotel, Canberra ACT


In Australia, the protocol is to recognise the Traditional Owners of the land to which we are gathering. Therefore, all presentations must begin with an acknowledgement to country and to local Traditional Elders: “We wish to acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians whose ancestral lands we are to meet upon. We acknowledge the deep feelings of attachment and relationship of Aboriginal peoples to Country. We also pay respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal peoples visiting / attending from other areas of Australia who are present here”.

Indigenous Conference Services acknowledges and pay our respect to the Traditional people of the Country. "Welcome to Country" ceremony and "acknowledging the traditional custodians" of the land shows respect for Aboriginal people as Australia's First Peoples. Ceremonies and protocols are a fundamental part of Aboriginal cultures.


The 13th First Nations Strong Women National Conference is set to take place at the Rex Hotel in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory on September 5 – 6, 2024. The aim is to provide a platform for Indigenous Women and bring together women, Elders and professionals to exchange knowledge and information and raise awareness on Indigenous Women’s issues, with this year’s focus being on women’s whole of wellbeing. This is the 13th national conference in the series and is quickly becoming one of Australia’s Premier Women’s gatherings. The women’s gathering is designed to inspire and enable Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander women, services and other partners to take control, step up and take action to the next level to ensure the rights and self-determination of First Nations women are upheld. The conference aims to honor Indigenous women and their families – their strength and resilience – by listening to their stories and strategies, learning from experiences and committing to systemic change to protect the rights of our children, families and cultures. Hence, we invite you to secure your place and together we'll forge positive change for the well-being of Indigenous women across Australia.

This year's conference stands as a beacon of resilience and empowerment, uniting Indigenous women from First Nations countries across Australia in a celebration of culture, heritage, and progress. Through vibrant discourse and spirited collaboration, the conference amplifies the voices of Indigenous women, addressing critical issues such as social justice, health, education, and economic empowerment. With a rich tapestry of traditions and experiences, this gathering serves as dynamic platforms for solidarity, advocacy, and the nurturing of leadership, ensuring that the legacy and contributions of First Nations women are honored and amplified for generations to come.

The 2024 First Nations Strong Women National Conference is a transformative event where the strength and wisdom of Indigenous women converge to shape a brighter future for their communities and the nation as a whole. Rooted in centuries of resilience and wisdom, this is the 13th gathering in the series which continually foster dialogue, innovation, and solidarity, driving forward a collective agenda for equity, justice, and self-determination. From grassroots activists to influential leaders, attendees of this conference embody the diverse tapestry of Indigenous identities, offering insights, solutions, and inspiration to confront the challenges of today and build a more inclusive and equitable tomorrow.


First Nations women, nationally and internationally, will come together in an environment that can lead to the sharing of information via their cultural and historical values. The conference is designed as an educational tool to develop networking opportunities and information sharing to the wider community on Indigenous women’s issues. The event will focus on First Nations women’s whole of wellbeing through the encouragement of strong leadership, empowerment and self-determination within our communities. Throughout the three days, we will be facilitating small group discussions with empowering and inspirational guest speakers. The conference emphasizes on the positives of First Nations resilience and determination to strive for a better tomorrow without the constraints of negative stereotyping which is more prevalent due to social media and bad media coverage. Today as First Nations women, we are making great strides to improve both ourselves and our communities. This event guarantees the opportunity to enlarge your network and information base, thus empowering all delegates to make greater informed decisions within their professional and extended communities.


I. Empowerment and Advocacy in Focus The conference is thoughtfully designed to inspire and empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, along with service providers and partners, to rise to the occasion, take purposeful strides, and uphold the rights and self-determination of First Nations women. Our mission is to honor the resilience and fortitude of First Nations women and their families by actively listening to their narratives, gleaning insights from their experiences, and committing to systemic change that safeguards the rights of our children, families, cultures, and communities. This conference is our tribute to Indigenous women from diverse walks of life, acknowledging their contributions in the most meaningful way.

II. A Celebration of Progress Amidst the narratives of challenges within our society, stories of triumph and success often remain overshadowed. As First Nations women, we have continually endeavoured to elevate our families and communities, resulting in a tapestry of remarkable achievements. Sharing knowledge has always been deeply embedded in our culture; thus, we feel compelled to amplify these transformative ideas. It is our time to foster awareness so that these initiatives can be embraced and disseminated throughout all Indigenous communities in Australia. Hence, we have selected a group of speakers who can provide information and guidance in the fields of psychology, human behaviour, fashion, cyber security, photography, sexual education & health, communication, writing, healing and manifestation.


  • Primary health and the whole of body wellness for First Nations Women

  • Successful community partnerships between First Nations women, governments and NGOs

  • Innovative projects which promote women leadership

  • Culture and its importance to creating better space for First Nations Women

  • First Nations Women and Education

  • The Empowering of First Nations Women

  • The role First Nations Women play in our communities


  • First Nations Women

  • Social Emotional Wellbeing Officers

  • DV and Family relationship workers

  • Community leaders & Women Elders

  • Indigenous women’s groups

  • Psychologists & Social Workers

  • Aboriginal Health Workers

  • NGOs & Charitable Organisations

  • Human Rights Enthusiasts

  • Nurses / Doctors/ Psychiatrists

  • Government Representatives

  • And Interested Individuals

Why Attend

This conference presents a unique opportunity for delegates to participate in a positive environment that is dedicated to the sharing of information and the empowering of all who attend. In our everyday working environment the day to day stresses of our positions tends to limit us in expanding our knowledge and networking. Whether you work at a community level or at governmental level the opportunity to network and gain contacts outside of your local region tend to be limited, this is why this conference will be so valuable to participants. Hence, all Indigenous people and non-indigenous people whether professional or community-based, who have a vested interest in juvenile justice are invited.


As an employee, we are asked to present valid reasons why we should attend. Listed below are valid points that can be raised with your employer to justify your attendance: Staff attending conferences regularly tend to become long term employees. An event such as this adds to the positive morale of staff.

  • Staff attending conferences regularly tend to become long-term employees.
  • An event such as this adds to the positive morale of staff.
  • Conferences are a great way of providing ongoing training.
  • Provides the opportunity to further enhance the organisation's knowledge base.
  • The opportunity for saving organisations money because of the short duration of the event.
  • Allows delegates to showcase the organisation nationally and internationally.
  • May provide organisations with new ideas.
  • Gives organisations a showcase and voice at a national level.
  • Provide an opportunity to evaluate various programs.
  • Because this event is conducted over a short period, staff are only absent for a minimal number of days.


To ensure grassroots community programs are highlighted, no less than 50 per cent of the conference proceedings are and is devoted to community groups. If your paper is selected, you may have more than one presenter to present your paper. However, only two presenters will be entitled to the registration discount. If you are chosen to present at the conference, your paper will form part of the conference proceedings and be distributed at the conclusion of the event with all other presentations.

Guidelines in Submitting Paper:

  • Papers should not contain offensive language and take into account cultural sensitivities of Australian first nation people.
  • Papers must treat the themes in a manner that contributes to further discussion of conference aims.
  • Conference papers must be presented in the finished format not less than 60 days prior to the event.
  • Papers that are not chosen in the first round may be resubmitted in the second round.
  • Papers MUST be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Papers in other formats will NOT be considered.
  • Authors of papers presented at the conference will be formally notified of their acceptance in writing.
  • A registration fee of $750 will apply to all persons submitting papers, payable within 7 days upon notification of acceptance.
  • Papers should explore ways in which the themes show up in the philosophy of the conference.
  • All papers must be presented in a positive and informative light.
  • To submit a paper, please complete the online form at this link: SUBMIT A PAPER HERE.
  • Conferences are a great way of providing ongoing training and provide the opportunity to further enhance the organisation's knowledge base.
  • Allows delegates to showcase the organisation nationally and internationally.
  • May provide organisations with new ideas and gives organisations a voice at a national/international level.
  • Provides an opportunity to evaluate various programs.
  • Because this event is conducted over a short period, staff are only absent for a minimal amount of time.


The event is blessed with a kaleidoscope of guest speakers, sharing stories, successes and challenges they’ve overcome, presenting great opportunities and inspiration for delegates to participate in an event that is devoted to the sharing of Culture, Empowerment, Education & Networking. Drawn from a variety of cultural backgrounds, professional careers, and grassroots community commitments, this year’s conference speakers are the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary event; one that is soon forgotten and one which lingers in attendees' memories, a source of tremendous benefit long after the conference is over.


Register early to get a discount! Please note that registrations are set out in an affordable way for organisations, which changes on a monthly basis. Hence the earlier you register, the more savings for your organisation. Registration fees include all-day access to the event, available conference papers, daily lunch, and refreshments for registered delegates only. Fees do not include travel costs or accommodation. Registration fees must be received within 7 DAYS from being issued an invoice. Otherwise, bookings will not be considered. To register, please click on the registration button and complete the form. Upon receipt of your completed registration form, we will email you the tax invoice.


Flexible sponsorship packages are available. Sponsorship opportunities are only open to businesses and private enterprises, not individuals. To showcase your organisation to all conference delegates, ICS has developed hassle-free promotional opportunities and sponsorship packages according to your budget and tailored to your organisation’s needs.

  • Gold Sponsorship ($10,000) includes: Keynote session or Break-out sessions, Waived registration fees for your selected staff, Complimentary seats at networking conference dinner, Complimentary display table & USB with photos for reporting purposes.
  • Silver Sponsorship ($7,000) includes: Keynote session, Waived registration fees for your selected staff, Complimentary seats at networking conference dinner, Complimentary display table & USB with photos for reporting purposes.
  • Bronze Sponsorship ($5,000) includes: Break-out Session, Waived registration fee for your selected staff, Complimentary Display Table & USB with photos for reporting purposes.

To sponsor the conference, please contact us. Indigenous Conference Services (Australia) will be of further assistance in tailoring your sponsorship arrangement. Please phone us on +61 4557 76 668 or send us your expression of interest to admin@icsconferences.org.


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