2024 First Nations Juvenile Justice & National STOP Domestic Violence Conferences

02- 04 October 2024 | Pullman International Hotel, Cairns QLD

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  • 2024 First Nations National Juvenile Justice Conference
  • 2024 National Indigenous Say No! To Family and Domestic Violence Conference
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  • Indigenous Led Trauma-Informed Care & Suicide Prevention
  • Healing Circle Work

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Networking Dinner


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Upcoming Events

2024 First Nations National Juvenile Justice Conference

2024 First Nations JJ Conference Cairns QLD

The 2024 First Nations National Juvenile Justice Conference is scheduled to be held on October 2-4, 2024 at Shangri-La Hotel in Cairns QLD Australia. This crucial conference aims to address the overrepresentation of Indigenous youth in the criminal justice system. Indigenous children are now 26 times more likely to be in detention than non-Indigenous youth. Due to this, it is extremely crucial that justice targets need to be adopted as part of the Closing the Gap strategy - a move resisted by state and federal governments, yet one that would focus attention on policy outcomes aimed at reducing Indigenous youth incarceration. The need for systemic change is clear, but often it is only when there are consequences to individuals that behavioural and cultural change follows.

2024 National Indigenous Say No! To Family and Domestic Violence Conference

Say No! Conference

Join us for a powerful event addressing domestic violence, uniting individuals and communities in the fight. Our mission: End Domestic Violence through prevention strategies and open conversations. Explore successful initiatives and establish a global network for change. With the theme "United Against Domestic Violence," we emphasize collective responsibility and empowerment. Together, we can create a safer future for all, regardless of background or gender. Join researchers, service providers, and advocates in our mission to make a difference.

Conference Agenda

  • Registration
  • Master of Ceremony - Welcome & Safety Announcement
  • Welcome to Country & Traditional Performance
  • Formal Opening Keynote - Da Power Of Positivity
  • Healing Wounds: Addressing Trauma and Its Connection to Violence
  • Morning Tea ~ Network with Service Providers/Exhibitors
  • Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Resistance to Change in Men's Behaviour
  • Empowering First Nations Women & Girls through sports
  • Lunch Break ~ Network with Service Providers/Exhibitors
(Breakout session)
  • - Communication Skills for Healthy Relationships: Learning to Listen and Empathize (Calling for Papers from Communities)
  • - Empowering First Nations Women's Financial Prosperity: Unleashing Indigenous Economic Potential (Calling for Papers from Communities)
  • - Intersectionality Matters: Addressing the Unique Challenges of Indigenous Women and LGBTQ+ Communities (Calling for Papers from Communities)
  • - Land, Culture, and Healing: Exploring the Connection Between Indigenous Identity and Safety (Calling for Papers from Communities)
(Breakout session)
  • - Resilience in Action: Sharing Stories of Healing and Empowerment (Calling for Papers from Communities)
  • - Breaking the Cycle: Strategies for Preventing Intergenerational Trauma (Calling for Papers from Communities)
  • - Building Brotherhood: Creating Supportive Communities for Positive Change
  • - Cultural Safety in Practice: Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge into Domestic Violence Services
(Breakout session)
  • - Afternoon Tea
  • - Network with Service Providers/Exhibitors
  • The Love Bites program: Young people are the key to sustained cultural change to prevent violence.
  • Decolonizing Justice: Transforming Legal Responses to Domestic Violence in Indigenous Communities
  • Evening Dinner

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