2024 Indigenous Health, Substance Abuse Prevention, Public Health Research & Chronic Diseases Conferences

22 - 24 July, 2024

Hilton Hotel, Gold Coast

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National Closing The Gap Indigenous Health Conference

National Closing the Gap Indigenous Health Conference

The 2024 National Closing the Gap Indigenous Health Conference is scheduled to be held at the Hilton Hotel in the Gold Coast on July 22-24, 2024. It is the only conference that has been continuously running since the establishment of the Closing the Gap concept and is the largest gathering of delegates from all sectors outside of Indigenous national associations. The conference is held annually and over the past ten years has attracted thousands of attendees bringing together representatives from all states and territories governments, First Nations medical services and mainstream health sectors, First Nations communities, allied health professionals, ACCHOs, NGOs, researchers and interested individuals. The conference is hosted by Indigenous Conference Services with great line up of First Nations speakers from all throughout Australia. The event is based upon the principal belief that Indigenous health must be approached from a holistic view, which encompasses body, mind and spirit; thus, leading to the fundamental rights of self-determination. The conference recognises that treating our health must be done by treating the whole person, through mind, body, soul and culture. No matter what your culture is, if you're a First Nations person, statistics show that health, education and the justice system is monstrously weighted against First Nations People. 

National First Nations Substance Abuse Prevention Conference

2024  National  First Nations Substance Abuse Prevention Conference

2024 National First Nations Substance Abuse Prevention Conference aims to bring together AOD workers, community mental health workers and Aboriginal & Torres Straits Islander Emotional and Social Well-being workers from Indigenous and Non-Indigenous organisations throughout Australia and presents unique opportunities for Alcohol and drugs workers to meet and discuss issues specifically centered on addictions and substance misuse in First Nations communities. The ongoing alcoholism and drug addictions in our communities leads to severe co-morbid mental health and well being issues throughout Indigenous Communities which has reached a crisis level through the length and breadth of this country. However this is not news to Indigenous peoples. Communities have proclaimed the need for action to address the needs of the many First Nations peoples with addictions and substance abuse issues. This year’s conference theme will be based upon the principles of we all have a role to play in healing wherein range of issues brought to the forefront by our communities will be examined and as such, will endeavour to heighten the need for Australian Government, Non-Government, Health and Community organisations to refocus on their duty of care to all Aboriginal Peoples.

National First Nations Chronic Disease Closing The Gap Conference

2024 First Nations Chronic Diseases Conference

The National First Nations Chronic Diseases Close The Gap Conference is scheduled to be held on July 22-24, 2024 at the Hilton Hotel in the Gold Coast, Queensland. The conference will provide insights into the successes of Indigenous organisations and health care professionals, focusing on solutions to First Nation’s peoples with chronic diseases and highlights the successes of chronic disease policies and management programs implemented in Indigenous communities. The conference will highlight many of the achievements gained against the four major chronic diseases namely cancer, diabetes, kidney and heart failure issues and the battle to stem the ongoing diseases within First Nations communities.


Sharon Finnan-White

Sharon Finnan-White

First Nations Academy of Excellence QLD

Managing Director and Founder

Dr Uncle Bernie Singleton

Dr Uncle Bernie Singleton

Wuunta P/L Kunjur First Nations Men’s Collective

Elder & Senior Member

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